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Ibuk’s 2nd Daughter
4 min readMay 19, 2021


hi! good morning.

it is 19th of may. I’m not joining Kasetsart University Scholarship neither IISMA. I’m not joining LEAP Ruangguru Internship Program.

I haven’t finished my Kolokium data yet. I haven’t did my task. I haven’t study solid physics course from the beginning of the class. I haven’t did my task, 3 tasks.

I’m not beautiful. It’s OK.

I’m going to learn about self acceptance.

I’m not that rich, so do my parents. I have to study and work hard if wanna eat something delicious.


  1. I’m not joining Kasetsart University Scholarship because I was mistaken the information about it. It was my fault.
  2. I’m not joining IISMA because I have no money to take the test.
  3. I’m not apply LEAP Ruangguru Internship Program because I’m too lazy to write the essay and motivation letter. It was my mistake.
  4. I’m haven’t joining Paragon Internship Program because I’m too lazy to answer the question and I have no photo to be used in twibbon. I’ll read the brief and if the internship is not fit to my study, I’m going to looking for another internship.
  5. I haven’t take my Kolokium data because I’m not trying to fix my tools. I don’t know how to do it. I rely on Reyhan since the beginning to helps me. I know its not good for my future. I’ll study how to fix it. Soon.
  6. I haven’t pay my debt to UKM that cost 1.700.000 because my Kampus Mengajar fee haven’t sent to my atm yet. I’ll pay it after I received 2.400.000 from Kampus Mengajar.
  7. I haven’t did my tasks because I’m too lazy to do it. I have no motivation. But it’s my responsibility as student. I have to do it. It’s my responsibility as a student. Your parent pay for it.
  8. I have no money. I’m depressed. I have to save my money if someone give me.
  9. I haven’t give 120.000 to bendahara 2 UKM because I have no money on my Mandiri.
  10. Am I jealous of my exs new relationship? But I’m OK when I see them. I don’t know I just need him sometimes. Only his chat that can fit to me. I just miss the conversation. The memories. But I know I’m better cut him off. It’s toxic. So, if you just wanna focus on your study and carrier path, just do it. Don’t let a man ruin your day. Just focus on yourself.
  11. I don’t like it when Nadhifa says that I’m keren. No. I know she just talk about shit. Skip her for a while. U don’t need her. Just focus on yourself, once more.
  12. I throw shit to Mas Kesit and my UKM mates that I have already in Jogja. The fact is I’m still trapped in my home. I just say that shit to encourage them that I’m responsible enough with my position. Why? Why should u lyin on them? U lie to yourself too. About responsible. U are trully not responsible enough. U are not that nice person u know? U just live in someones life u r trying to live. Can’t u just stop it? Don’t you getting tired of using someone else’s foot? Just be yourself. Be a better person. Is it that difficult? Don’t lie to anyone. Even if it’s small things like have you eat or not. Answer it honestly.
  13. I feel like, I’m far away from Allah. I feel lazy when Sholat and read Al Quran. What kind of sin that I have made? It has started since a years ago.
  14. I remember. I have debt to Inspirator MIPA. 350.000 rupiahs. Am I mistaken? I will pay it 400.000 right after I get my money from Kampus Mengajar.
  15. I haven’t give birthday gifts for Mba Jojo, Nadhifa, Bapak, Ibuk, and my bro sis. I have plan to buy them some clothes. See? You have to work hard if you want to be a nice person.
  16. U haven’t return 2 black hijabs that belong to Mba Ghina and Ilafi. Mba Ghina have moved to East Java. And I’m not going to ask Ilafi if I want to return it. U have to send the hijab to Mba Ghina. Ask her adress. Send the hijab together with a nice gift for her. Another black hijab sounds nice. About Ilafi? You can ask her whether she is in Jogja or not.
  17. I haven’t make a big project on my Kampus Mengajar program. I’m planning to make a simple physics experience. Should I make a pretest and posttest too? Yes of course.
  18. I take machine learning course on Dicoding and the deadline is in the end of this month. I don’t even finished the first class tho. Where’s your responsibility? When will you learn the course?

Hey. It’s enough. I feel better. Thanks

So, here is my action plan. Uhmm I’m going to highlight the action plan.



Ibuk’s 2nd Daughter

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